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Parent Perspectives

Thank you for your help at the Taste of Los Altos. Without your support, we would not be able to achieve the fundraising goals needed to be able to offer our students the opportunities they have this week. So far in this semester, the Boosters have authorized payments of

$9300 staff costs

$140 district clearance for percussion volunteer

$1750 music/electronics package for the 2020 Field Show

$150 clinician fee of Rossano Galante

$100 clinician fee of Leonard  Narumi for our HLPUSD Band Pre-Festival Concert/Clinic

$360 flags & supplies for the Winter Guard

$500(estimated) truck rental for the Percussion Ensemble for Feb 22nd & March 14th

$300 (estimated) miscellaneous percussion & winds supplies

$400 (estimated) food/supplies for Taco Tuesday, Taste of LA, Band Festival

$204 concert band festival

$250 jazz band festival

$13,154 Total Jan-Mar

For the rest of the semester and through June (end of fiscal year), our expenses are estimated to be

$10,000 staff costs

$175 jazz band festival entry fee

$500 (estimated) truck rental for the Percussion Ensemble for April 5th & 18th

$1800 field show entry fees

$250 color guard costume down payment

$1250 scholarships

$500 banquet awards

$300 complimentary banquet meals

$250 food for spring concert BBQ

$300 miscellaneous costs for emergencies

$15,325 estimated Total Apr-Jun

$28,479 estimated Total Jan-Jun

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