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Parent Perspectives

Students will receive forms this week to place ads in our tournament program. This is a key part of our fundraising, and we ask that every student sell at least one ad in the program. Talk to businesses where you are a regular customer, family and friends with businesses to promote, and contacts within your circle of influence. Surely every family can find at least one person who would be willing to place a $30 business card ad. Families can also celebrate their child by taking out an ad in the program. This is a great way to record your child’s involvement in an activity they love. 

Parents will shortly receive a tournament shift preference form. All families are expected to have at least one member, other than the band student, work at least one shift at our tournament on November 2nd. We must have this support in order to meet the needs of our guest bands. A huge part of the Band Booster budget depends on the success of our tournament, and we will need everyone on board for our expected 30 bands that day. We will likely have a full stadium at the end of the evening, so up to 5000 hungry and excited people will be there and want to buy food and other items from our concessions and vendors. Please do your part to make the 51st Los Altos Field Tournament a success this year. 

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