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Notes from the Director

We are in the middle of preparations for our winter concert, just 2 weeks after our Thanksgiving break. All students should plan to take their instruments home over the break so that we do not lose our forward momentum that we are building up. I am very pleased with our progress and how quickly the students are learning their new music. This means we are going to have a fantastic spring semester filled with great music making! 

The Entertainment Unit will perform our field show “The Four Seasons” one last time on Tuesday morning for our Los Altos Arts Day. Orange Grove, Newton, Fairgrove, and Lassalette middle schools will all be in attendance, and this will give us a great opportunity to connect with those students to show them what they could be doing once they reach Los Altos HS. Students will be dismissed from their 2nd Period classes in order to participate in this event. 

The Council will meet briefly on Monday to determine the date of our End of Marching Season (EOMS) party. It will likely be the week right after our break. This is for students only, and we typically order pizza ($3 per person at the door) and have a dessert contest. For the contest, homemade desserts are considered for three prizes: Best Looking, Best Tasting, Overall Best Dessert. Gift cards will be awarded for the winners. Remember, if you don’t make desserts, we won’t have any!

Please support the rest of the VAPA department by attending the production of “Footloose” at the Hacienda Heights Community Center. Tickets are $5 in advance from A-1 and $10 at the door. Band students are offered 2% extra credit on their final semester grades if they have proof that they attended one performance of the musical. 

We will schedule 1-2 after school rehearsals for the Winter Concert to work together on our full band music. Please keep an eye on the calendar for that. 

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