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Notes from the Director

I’m very pleased with the performance qualities of our first tournament. We made a lot of progress in just the last few days. Immense thanks to the parents for all of their assistance in loading and moving our equipment and especially being available to help with keeping the students safe in sometimes windy conditions. 

Listening to the judges’ comments, we have a lot of detail work to do this week to prepare for the Wilson Tournament. Most of this work will require students to invest in their performance by working outside of class time to refine their individual playing and marching. We will, of course, spend lots of time in class working on matching the details across the whole band. As always, we need every member at every rehearsal and participating at 100% this week to maximize what we can do at the next tournament. 

Our final home game is this Friday, and it is also Middle School Band Night. We will welcome a large number of middle school students, so all of our jobs is to make them feel welcome, help them join in the excitement of the game, and encourage them to be part of the band when they come to high school. These students are our future EU members, so let’s make sure that they feel like that!

Wilson Tournament

12:00 PM Call Time

2:00 PM Load Truck and Eat

3:30 PM Buses Depart

4:00 PM Arrive at Wilson HS and Rehearse

6:00 PM Performance

8:00 PM Awards

8:45 PM Arrive at LAHS and Unload Truck (approximate)

9:15 PM Dismissal (approximate)

Students are to be in the stadium by 12 PM. 1-15 minutes late is a 20% reduction in your grade. 15-30 minutes late is a 25% reduction in your grade. More than 30 minutes late is a 40% reduction in your grade. All students are expected to help load and unload all equipment and props. No exceptions. Students will not be released to parents until all equipment is properly stored at the end of the evening. Please do not ask to leave early. The answer will be NO. 

Students are expected to wear proper attire underneath their uniforms. Please bring clothing to change into. There may not be time to go to concessions, but bring money in case you have that opportunity. Parents will have some food for you. 

Parent Perspectives

We had a great group of parents show up to support the band on Saturday. Can you be at the Wilson Tournament to help out and support the students? We’d love to see a huge crowd of supporters cheering us on from the stands. Tickets are $10, and we have a few complimentary passes for those parents helping out. 

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