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Notes from the Director

The students have done a great job learning the show. We have all of the music and movement on the field as of Thursday, and we will continue to refine the show and add details for the rest of the season. Many thanks for the amazing work that Pete Dominguez and crew have done to create our field show props, which we will be able to start using this week. This will make our show a real standout from other bands. Thank you to all of our supporters who have contributed to our prop building funds. Your assistance has made this project possible and will continue to pay off in future years when we use these props again in a variety of ways. 

This is an exciting week as we begin our first week of competition. Students, it is important that you do the following things to be able to compete at your best:

Plan carefully your homework and study time. You are about to get very busy, especially on the weekends.

Take care of yourself. Eat high quality food, not junk food. Get enough sleep. Turn off your phone at night so that you get better rest. 

Be prepared for all rehearsals. This means to have your music and dot books at all rehearsals and that you are mentally ready to work hard for the entire rehearsal time. 

Be at every rehearsal and on time. It is critical at this point in the season for all students to be at every rehearsal. We will be making many small changes, and absences hold back the progress of EVERY STUDENT. 

Make sure to appreciate the people in your life who help you be able to participate in such a life changing experience as marching band. It takes all of us to make it work.

Baldwin Park Tournament

1:00 PM Call Time

3:00 PM Load Truck and Eat

4:30 PM Buses Depart

5:00 PM Arrive at BPHS and Rehearse

7:15 PM Performance

9:45 PM Awards

10:45 PM Arrive at LAHS and Unload Truck (approximate)

11:15 PM Dismissal (approximate)

Students are to be in the stadium by 1 PM. 1-15 minutes late is a 20% reduction in your grade. 15-30 minutes late is a 25% reduction in your grade. More than 30 minutes late is a 40% reduction in your grade. All students are expected to help load and unload all equipment and props. No exceptions. Students will not be released to parents until all equipment is properly stored at the end of the evening. Please do not ask to leave early. The answer will be NO. 

Students must

1. Wear a short or long sleeved t-shirt and basketball shorts underneath the uniform. There will be inspections.

2. Wear at least calf-length plain black socks with marching shoes. Clean your shoes.

3. Wear black gloves ($3 from the Band Office) if you play a wind instrument

4. Ride the same bus to and from the tournament

5. Obey all instructions from LAHS adults and student leaders, as well as tournament staff instructions

6. Be respectful of others at all times. You should NEVER say anything critical of another band while we are traveling or post anything negative about another band or individual on social media. Be aware that cursing is prohibited by school rules and is offensive to most people. You are representing the proud history of LAHS, the Entertainment Unit, and Mr. Laging. Do not disappoint us!

Stand during the 3A Awards. Politely clap for all competitors. Do not show disappointment if the band is not awarded the score or trophy that you think is deserved. Just work harder to achieve what you think you deserve. You will remember the experience, not the trophy.

The Band Boosters will provide a light snack and water for you following your performance. There will be time to visit the concession booth. Bring money for yourself if you would like to purchase food or souvenirs at the tournament. Remember this is a fundraiser for the Baldwin Park band, just like our tournament is for us. Be respectful to their workers, throw away all trash properly, and conduct your behavior in the manner befitting a Conqueror. 

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