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Notes from the Director

Thank you to the parents who helped out at the very busy Thursday night football game last week. It’s a challenge to organize the help needed on a weeknight, so we appreciate everyone who was able to help make this happen for the students. 

Tournament season has begun for the Southern California, and many bands have already competed. We are still two weeks away from our first tournament, so it is important to have as polished a show as we can produce at our first tournament. After judging this weekend, Mr. Laging feels we are in good shape, overall, with some things we definitely need to address with the students to be able to perform at the level we expect. With that in mind, attendance and preparation are going to be key for the next month, so please do everything possible to be at all rehearsals so that we can work out all the small details, as this will separate our performance from those of our competitors. Students must prepare for each rehearsal by making sure that they are practicing the details that will matter most in the performance, and they need to review posted videos on a regular basis to make decisions on how they will improve their visual performance and ensemble moments. 

Full schedule of tournament days are in our online calendar. The full schedule will be in the newsletter the week of the tournament. 

Baldwin Park Tournament

1:00 PM Call Time

7:15 PM Performance

11:15 PM Dismissal (approximate)

Wilson Tournament

12:00 PM Call Time

6:00 PM Performance

9:30 PM Dismissal (approximate)

We haven’t yet received the schedule for the Ramona Tournament on November 9th, but we are likely to have an early morning call time that day. I have asked the students if they would prefer a rehearsal on Friday, November 8th, from 3:30-5:30 PM, and there was an interest to do this. We could shorten the rehearsal time on Saturday morning to allow kids to sleep in a bit longer and to shorten our day on that tournament. Please talk with your family to see if that would work. My best guess is that with our normal schedule on November 9th, our call time would be 8 AM for a performance in Riverside of about 3 PM. We would likely dismiss by 6 PM. 

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