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Notes from the Director

We made very good progress on Saturday in learning most of the last movement of the field show. As we get closer to completion, students will shift into what is called “cleaning mode.” That means we get very precise in the details of the music and visual choreography so that we can get as close to the desired effect as possible. When this starts coming together clearly, it is very exciting! On Tuesday, we will add music and guard choreography to what we learned on Saturday. The rest of the time will be cleaning our production for performance on Thursday. 

Please note that unfortunately our next football game has been scheduled on the same day as parent conferences, October 3rd. This football game will begin at 7:30 PM, so our students will report at 6:30 PM to prepare. The school made this scheduling change for the game start in order to allow parents to attend some of parent conferences before the start of the game. Please note, however, that your child is required to be dressed in uniform by 6:30 PM so that we can carry out our official band duties for the game. 

The schedule for our first tournament at Baldwin Park HS on October 19th has been posted on our online calendar. Please visit it for the complete schedule of the day. 

Report Time 1:00 PM in the Stadium

Buses Depart 4:30 PM

Performance 7:15 PM

Awards 9:45 PM

Dismissal 11:15 PM, approximately

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