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Notes from the Director

Thank you to the parents who showed up to help with the concessions on Friday and who supported our Citadel Shopping Extravaganza. Your support helps bring needed income to the Band Boosters so that your children can have the best experience we are able to provide.

We have a major scheduling change that Mr Laging was just made aware of. The SCSBOA Championships was originally scheduled for November 23rd when Mr Laging made the calendar in early June. However, our Championships date is one week earlier on November 16th.  Please note this official change in your calendars and do not schedule any activities for this date. Championships is by invitation only, based on our top three scores from the regular season tournaments. Usually, the final week of tournaments is what determines whether a band is selected for Championships, and we have three tournaments that final week: Los Altos, Duarte, and Ramona. 

The students presented the second movement, Summer, of their field show on Friday night following the football game. Their work in rehearsals is paying off with increased success in their performances. We completed learning the third movement, Autumn, this past week, and we will begin learning the final movement, Winter, this week. In just a couple of weeks, the entire show should be learned, and we can begin the work of refining and polishing the show as we head into our first tournament on October 19th at Baldwin Park HS. 

The first 6 weeks ended on Friday, and some students need to put more effort into their school work to raise their grades. Mr Laging began working with the students on their grades during the 3rd and 4th weeks of the 6 Weeks. Students were well aware at that point of where they were in each of their classes and were required to outline a plan for improving or maintaining their grades. Not all students succeeded with those efforts, so now they will need to work even harder to improve grades that do not meet standards. 

Parents, it will be helpful for your child’s success to check in daily on their progress in all classes to make sure that they are on track with homework, studying for upcoming tests and quizzes, and have a clear outline of work to be completed for any projects. 

Please note that unfortunately our next football game has been scheduled on the same day as parent conferences, October 3rd. This football game will begin at 7:30 PM, so our students will report at 6:30 PM to prepare. The school made this scheduling change for the game start in order to allow parents to attend some of parent conferences before the start of the game. Please note, however, that your child is required to be dressed in uniform by 6:30 PM so that we can carry out our official band duties for the game. 

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