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Notes from the Director

We had a serious attendance problem on Saturday, with 18% of the EU either absent or left early that day. We also had a large number of students who were tardy to the rehearsal. We simply cannot make progress with this lack of commitment to the process. If we continue to have attendance problems, we will remove tournaments from the schedule. Every person has a unique role to fill in the field show, and when anyone is absent, it has a serious negative effect on every member and has the potential to derail the entire marching season. Please make every effort to attend every rehearsal, as is required and outlined in the syllabus. 

This week ends the first 6 weeks. All students must make strong efforts to bring their grades to the highest possible levels by the end of the week. Students struggling in classes, missing work, or needing to do makeup exams in any class must take care of these items by the end of the week. Students not meeting standards will have consequences through the band program to help them meet the grading standards in all courses. 

Friday is our annual Homecoming Game, and our longstanding tradition is to perform our field show immediately following the game. Parents, please be advised that students will be released once all equipment and uniforms have been properly stored following our performance. This will likely be 20-30 minutes later than usual. As always, it is appreciated that you pick up your child as soon as they are dismissed. You could even come watch the show right after the game so you can see what progress they have made!

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