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Notes from the Director

Thank you for those families who supported the students this weekend for the football game concessions and the Pancake Breakfast with your volunteer time, donations, and ticket sales. We simply cannot provide a program for your child without your help and fundraising. This also means we need your help at football game concessions. We’ve seen a drop in parent participation in this for this year, and we need more parents to sign up to be able to cover all of our operations to make money from the greater community at football games, rather than from your own pockets. We’ve been using available students to cover some operations, but concessions are really intended to be totally run by adults. 

The students will finish learning the second song this week and work all week to refine what they’ve learned so far this year. All marching band students need to attend this Saturday’s rehearsal so that we are in good shape to begin the third song next week. 

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