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Newsletter August 19, 2019

Weekly Schedule

M Council Meeting, 3-3:30 PM

Tu Rehearsal, 5-8 PM, Entertainment Unit 

Tu Dine out at Taco Nazo 9 AM - 9 PM, MUST PRESENT PAPER FLYER

W Dine out at Taco Nazo 9 AM - 9 PM, MUST PRESENT PAPER FLYER

Th Rehearsal, 5-8 PM, Entertainment Unit 

F Covina @ Los Altos Football Game, 6 PM Call Time, All Students

Sat Rehearsal, 9 AM - 1 PM, Entertainment Unit 

Notes from the Director

The students have been doing a great job this week in moving ahead with the field show. Attendance has been near perfect, which means that the whole group can be successful when we are learning new material. Please make sure to schedule around band rehearsals, performances, and events because every student is important to the success of the whole organization. 

This week marks the first football game of the season, and we need all hands on deck to help out. All students in the program are required to attend the football game. This will be the debut of our complete first song of the field show. Our parents saw about half at our Family BBQ on August 2nd, and now you can see the completed version of that. Please pick up your child by 10 PM so that everyone can rest for our rehearsal on Saturday.

Please note that we have another Saturday rehearsal this week. We will start at 9 AM due to the football game the night before. Ending time is still 1 PM. Please send your child with water and snacks to keep their energy up. As always, a quick pickup of your child at the end of rehearsal is appreciated so that all can return to their families. 

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