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2019 Band Camp


We will meet from 8 AM until 4 PM, with a one hour lunch break at noon on the following dates:

July: 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31

August: 1, 2 (note that students will also perform in the evening on August 2nd at roughly 7:15 PM)

Please make every effort to attend all days, as we will be working mostly on the field show, learning music, choreography, and marching positions. In addition, we will be building your skills in all areas of performance so that you can have the most successful season possible, and that starts NOW!

Auditions for soloists for “Spring” will be on July 26th at lunch. Soloist will be trombone, mellophone, two trumpets, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone. All soloist positions must be filled to fulfill the needs of the show.

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast on July 27th from 8-10 AM. $10. Please help us make this a success by spreading the word and attending yourselves.

Notes from the Director

Welcome back! I hope you had a very relaxing time off this summer. There are many great plans for you for this year, and they start during our Band Camp. To make your experience the best possible, please remember the following things:

Attendance and attitude are critical. If you’re not here, we can’t teach you. If your attitude is not receptive to teaching, the experience for both you and the staff will be poor. Come with a mind ready to learn and an openness to new ideas, and you will have a great time!Making mistakes is part of the process. You will make lots of mistakes. THAT’S OK! Our job as staff and student leaders is to point you in the right direction. Sometimes that will mean we need to point out things you are doing wrong and give you tips on how to do it right. As long as you are making a good effort to achieve the skills and performance qualities you are being asked to do, we will be happy. Take care of yourself. It is possibly the most important part of the camp experience. We’ll be introducing some training to help you along this path, but ultimately the choice is yours about how much of this you incorporate into your life. However, the information has been studied scientifically and provides you with the optimum opportunity to grow every day. Continue to apply these trainings to the rest of your year, and you should see more growth in all aspects of your life. You may need to practice at home, depending on your experience level, even after several hours of camp. Making an effort now, at the beginning of the season, will pay off big in the end. Please always be prepared for the next day’s camp so that we can maintain a positive forward progress every day. If you are not prepared, you are not only holding yourself back, but the entire organization, as we wait on you to catch up. Ask questions. It is the job of every student to either demonstrate understanding by showing staff and student leaders the skills learned or to ask questions to best achieve that skill. Questions are important, and none are too small to ask, as long as the purpose is to better yourself as a performer. Respect others. This is crucial for our band as we develop the culture of working together to create things that are greater than any of us can do alone. Respecting others means Truly listening when spoken toSpeak to or about another person only as you would wish to be spoken to or aboutNot making others uncomfortable with conversation topics, actions, or languageThink before your post. Social media is forever, no matter what you think. Only post things on social media that are positive in nature and would make your mom proud if she saw them.Use only the equipment and materials you have been provided. We have very expensive, and sometimes delicate, equipment, so it is important to ask permission before using any equipment that is not checked out to you. Keep the room tidy and clean. This not only makes a less stressful environment for us to work in, but it also shows that you respect yourself, your fellow members, and everyone in the school who keeps the school clean and functioning. Place all trash in the outside bins. Only water is allowed to be consumed within the band room.

Communicate clearly. Learning to communicate accurately and in a timely manner is one of the most important skills to develop. If you need help, are feeling sick or injured, aren’t able to attend rehearsal, or any other thing that would impact a normal rehearsal needs to be communicated as quickly as possible. We can help you best if we know what is going on so that we can quickly address any issues that prevent you from being at your best.

Parent Meeting & Family BBQ

We will hold our annual parent meeting and family BBQ on Friday, August 2nd, beginning at 6 PM. The families will meet in the Hacienda for important information from the Los Altos Band Boosters about your role in helping the students have a terrific year as well as general band information from Mr. Laging. Calendars, sign ups, and other items of interest will be available. Parents will also vote to approve our annual Band Booster budget.

Immediately following the meeting, families will go to the stadium to enjoy a BBQ together and then have entertainment by the band, showing you what we’ve learned during camp.


The Los Altos Band Boosters are committed to fundraising the necessary money to help make this program a reality for all students. You will hear more about this at the meeting on August 2nd, but we already have fundraisers that we need to get the word out on.

Props are part of most marching band shows now, and ours is no different. We have designed several props that need to be built, and the materials costs for the props for our field show will be roughly $2500. Please spread the word through your social media and other communications about our Go Fund Me campaign. By getting people to donate, we are getting the community, your friends, and your extended family to join us in supporting the students in this project. Please copy this web address and invite people to donate to the band through this website.



For calendar information and details about upcoming events, including volunteering opportunities, please visit our web site www.losaltosbands.org. If you need to contact Mr Laging about anything about students or the band program, he can be reached at (626) 934-5445 or jlaging@hlpusd.k12.ca.us. Booster contact info will be given at the meeting.

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