Color Guard

The Los Altos Color Guard has been recognized for its excellence and artistry for decades. Several current Color Guard instructors in Southern California had their start in our program, which focuses not only on the training of our students but also on their character. The Color Guard forms an important visual unit in the Entertainment Unit, carrying emotion and story to the audience through their interpretation of the music. On the field, they have won many Sweepstakes and 1st Place trophies over the past decade, not to speak of the many dozens of awards they have received in over 50 years of competitions. 

In addition to their performances with the Entertainment Unit, they form their own competitive Winter Guard team in the spring semester. They use highly innovative concepts to deliver electric performances at competitions throughout Southern California. The Los Altos Winter Guard delivers performances to remember, and they consistently receive high praise from audiences and judges, alike. 


  • 2018 WGASC 1st Place at local competitions

  • 2017 WGASC Promoted to Scholastic A

  • 2016 WGASC Finalist Scholastic AA

  • 2015 WGASC Bronze Medal Scholastic AA